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Lunch menu

Soups, salads and appetizers

Soupe du Jour 7

Today's soup inspiration


Soupe à l’oignon 9

Onion soup consommé with melted cheese croutons


Escargots de Bourgogne 12

Signature appetizer: Marinated Escargots baked in garlic butter


Assortiment de charcuterie 14

Assorted cured meats, Cornichons and Dijon mustard


Foie gras 25

Seared foie Gras, toasted bread, apple PuréeWhite port and truffle honey reduction


Salade de Betterave 9

Sliced red beet, Boursin cheese, walnuts, organic extra virgin olive oil, Balsamic reduction


Crotin de Chèvre 11

Goat cheese Crostini, with arugula, marinated tomatoes, Niçoise olive Tapenade, Basil oil and balsamic reduction


Plateau de fromages 15

Selection of imported cheeses


Saumon fumé 12

Smoked salmon, orange wedges, endive Julienne, shallots, lemon Confit and red wine vinaigrette


Salade Maison 8

Mesclum salad, marinated tomatoes, Niçoise olives, Parmesan Reggiano cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette


Salade d’endives au Roquefort 10

Belgium Endives salad with Roquefort cheese, apple Julienne, walnuts, and Malt vinaigrette



Omelette du jour 14

Omelet of the day served with French fries and mixed greens


Croque Monsieur 12

Ham and melted Swiss cheese sandwich served with French fries and mixed greens

Croque Madame, topped with a fried egg sunny side up – ad 1.50


Crêpes au poulet 14

Chicken and mushroom Velouté crpe served with House-made French fries and organic mixed greens


Carpaccio de boeuf 15

Raw Wagyu beef, shaved Parmesan Reggiano, organic extra virgin olive oil


Foie de veau ail et persil 19

Sautéed veal liver served with yukon gold mashed potatoes, French green beans, and garlic butter


L'Onglet Bistrot 24

Hanger steak served like in Paris with House-made French fries, green salad and mustard butter


Confit de canard Atmosphère 21

Duck leg confit with wild mushroom raviolis, baby carrots, French green beans, and red wine reduction sauce


Salade de saumon 17

Pan roasted salmon fillet, Roquefort cheeseOrganic mixed greens, marinated tomatoesFrench green beans, walnuts


Moules Marinières 20

Mussels cooked in white wine, shallots, garlic and parsley broth, with House-made French fries


Truite Amandine 20

Fillet of trout with fingerling potatoes, glazed baby carrots, green beans, caper lemon butter, and toasted almonds


Coquilles St-Jacques à la crème de truffes 26

Sautéed scallops, wild mushroom raviolis, asparagus, truffle Parmesan emulsion, and organic arugula


Salade de thon 23

Tuna salad, tomatoes, grean beans, mixed greens Hard-boiled egg, Niçoise olives, blue cheese, baconRed wine vinaigrette and lemon Aioli


Sides 6

Mix of Mesclum Greens - Homemade French fries (Fried in peanut oil)

Green Beans - Sautéed Vegetables


Substitutions $2 - Kitchen split: Appetizers & Salads $2, Entrees $4


Please no separate checks - Consumption of raw or undercooked food may result in foodborne illness